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ABL Health Posted on 27 Sep 2021

Losing weight and moving more will help your recovery time... including from COVID-19. To start your journey call 0161 960 0255 or visit,uk

There is no better time to quit than now. If you smoke you will touch your face 200 times a day. That's 200 more chances of infection every day. To stop today call 0161 960 0255 or visit,uk

Better health for all of Oldham.

Our Lifestyle Advisors are here to make sure our healthcare services are built around you and what you need, to make your life better.

If you would like to exercise more, stop smoking*, eat more healthily or reduce the amount of alcohol you are consuming then our team of Lifestyle Advisors  are here to help.

Call us on 0161 960 0255 or visit

*smokers are four times more likely to to quit with the support of a dedicated stop smoking programme

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